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Serranos de Motozintla Cooperative, Mexico

Chiapas, Mexico

Exterior Serranos de Motozintla


Our Mexican beans come directly to us from the Serranos de Motozintla Cooperative in the southern Sierra Madre region of Chiapas. In spite of years of government and private attempts to grab land and dislocate indigenous communities in Chiapas, the farmers of Serranos de Motozintla have managed to hold on and prosper, evolving a highly sought-after specialty crop.

In Chiapas, we have worked for years with local communities on education, health and providing opportunity for victims of the Death Train. At the request of Serranos de Motozintla we have been organizing and funding advanced organic technical training that create improved soil and coffee quality. As a result of this continuing program, high end coffee buyers have been paying premiums for this fantastic coffee (but you can get it for a lot less from us!)

Useful Expressions

'Que? Usted solo ofrece cafe instantaneo aqui?' - What? You only serve instant coffee here?

'Tu eres un gran baillena' - You are a big whale (I thought I said 'great dancer')

Our Mexican Coffees

The large, smooth beans have excellent aroma, medium body and slight acidity. A mellow coffee with a softly sweet flavor.

There are several coffee regions in Mexico and each has slightly different characteristics, but by and large you can count on Mexican coffee to be smooth and round in the mouth, medium acidity, not too bold, whether they come from Chiapas (nutty and sometimes slightly spicy), Vera Cruz (slight cocoa taste), or Oaxaca (almond flavors).

People-Centered Development Projects

Bokashi Compost (2013 - ongoing)

  • Training and implementing sustainable bokashi compost porgram to improve soil health and carbon restoration
  • Funding committed to date: $15,900

Bokashi Compost Program

Immigrant Relief (2019)

  • Donated money to support immigrants coming from Mexico
  • Funding committed: $2,300

Hurricane Relief (2017)

  • Emergency assistance to 23 families for food and home repairs after major Hurricane

Roya Education and Prevention in Central America (2013 - ongoing):

  • Education and support to stop the spread of la roya (coffee leaf rust)
  • Funding committed to date: $8,600

Past Projects

Death Train Project (2009)

  • Prosthetics, job training and repatriation of Death Train victims

Dean and Nelson

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